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The PARKLOCK system is under warranty for 6 months from the date of purchase. This product is a deterrent only and cannot withstand the force of vehicles. Should the product be vandalised in any way and require replacement standard PARKLOCK costs apply.

About the PARKLOCK secure Paypal order process:

PARKLOCK Pty Ltd uses the services of PayPal Inc to take secure orders for the PARKLOCK system. PayPal accepts all standard credit cards; VISA, MasterCard and American Express on behalf of PARKLOCK. If you have an existing PayPal account you can also use this to pay for the PARKLOCK system.

What is included with my order of the PARKLOCK system?

– Sturdy iron design effective waterproofing to handle any weather condition.

– U-shaped barrier with a “No Parking” graphic is designed to be a physical deterrent to unknown vehicles parking in your spot.

– The spot can be made available for your car, or a visitor, by using a remote control. The control works fast and makes it conveniently easy to use the PARKLOCK system.

– The highly sensitive, ultra-long-range infrared remote control can lower the barrier from a range of 30m.

– The Parking lock function ensures that other cars and passers by do not accidently or purposely make contact with the PARKLOCK system. In the case that the unit is pushed by a car or person a loud alarm, fitted in the PARKLOCK device will sound immediately. The alarm will also be automatically activated if you or anyone attempts to reverse onto the PARKLOCK unit without first lowering the barrier. Any force onto the structure will activate the alarm.

– Each PARKLOCK remove control unit is battery-powered. A single battery change will usually last three months. The metal unit is also powered by battery which is simple to use and change without any tools or removal of the main device. The main section battery also lasts three months.