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How will PARKLOCK be delivered?

PARKLOCK is packed for safe and secure shipping to any address in Australia within 2 – 5 days.

What is included with my order of the PARKLOCK system?

  • Sturdy iron design effective waterproofing to handle any weather condition
  • U-shaped barrier with a “No Parking” graphic is designed to be a physical deterrent to unknown vehicles parking in your spot.
  • The spot can be made available for your car, or a visitor, by using a remote control. The control works fast and makes it conveniently easy to use the PARKLOCK system.
  • The highly sensitive, ultra-long-range infrared remote control can lower the barrier from a range of 30m
  • The Parking lock function ensures that other cars and passers by do not accidently or purposely make contact with the PARKLOCK system. In the case that the unit is pushed by a car or person a loud alarm, fitted in the PARKLOCK device will sound immediately. The alarm will also be automatically activated if you or anyone attempts to reverse onto the PARKLOCK unit without first lowering the barrier. Any force onto the structure will activate the alarm.
  • Each PARKLOCK remove control unit is battery-powered. A single battery change will usually last three months. The metal unit is also powered by battery which is simple to use and change without any tools or removal of the main device. The main section battery also lasts three months.
  • Force protection – when forced down by any vehicle, the PARKLOCK System deters entry and releases on certain pressure points thus to avoid damage. Upon removal of any obstruction vehicle or otherwise, the unit returns to normal waiting position and the barrier returns to the upright position.

Can I move my PARKLOCK system?

Yes, the PARKLOCK system is fully re-moveable. If your reserved car space changes or you move address, simply remove the unit from your spot with simple standard tools.

Where has PARKLOCK System been installed before?

PARKLOCK has been used successfully at apartment buildings, shopping centers and hospitals around Australia and in a variety of weather conditions. The systems have proven to be durable in the face of car knocks, vandals and other possible inhibitions to car space protection.

Do I need to get out of my car to use PARKLOCK?

Absolutely not, the PARKLOCK system includes a remote control unit adaptable to be locked into your set of keys or placed within your handbag or car glove box. As you approach your reserved car space simply point the remote toward the direction of your PARKLOCK spot and simply click. The barrier can be lowered via remote from a distance of up to 30 meters away from your car spot. The iron barrier, designed to stop others from parking in the spot, will automatically lower towards the ground allowing you to steer your wheel and drive into your car space. Only once you have parked you will need to get out of your car. Once you leave from your spot again, simply drive out and press the remote button for your PARKLOCK system to rise and return to the obstruction position.

Is permission required to install the PARKLOCK system?

In some cases, depending on your strata title or lease agreement, you may be required to request permission from your landlord or building manager before installing the PARKLOCK system in your reserved car space.

What are the advantages of using the PARKLOCK system?

There are numerous advantages in using the PARKLOCK system the main one being convenience, security and peace of mind. In an increasingly rent high lifestyle of modern crowded Australian cities, the importance to protect your space has never been more vital. The PARKLOCK system has further convenient features and benefits. For example, if the car touches the unit without being activated a warning alarm is sounded.

How do I install the PARKLOCK system?

The PARKLOCK system is easy to install in the matter of minutes in your car space. The system can be installed with a screw set on any hard surface in an indoor or outdoor environment. Instructions come with the PARKLOCK product.

Can I buy multiple PARKLOCK systems for office or apartment building parking lots?

PARKLOCK is available for parking lots of all sizes. Purchase up to 20 units can be made online, for larger orders please contact us for pricing.

How strong is PARKLOCK?

PARKLOCK is designed for all city conditions. The overall pressure performance handles up to two tons and the service life is up to five years. The PARKLOCK system is reliable, long-lasting and can be normally used for three months on a single charge.

PARKLOCK system one-time die-casting molding technology effectively enhances the overall strength and reliability of the product.

What happens if I lose my PARKLOCK remote control?

If you lose your PARKLOCK remote control simply call, Dooze Promotions on 0413 599 782 during normal office hours or email Replacement controls can be ordered.