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Dear ____________________________________
I have been a tenant at your property, (property name): ____________________since _____________________. Whilst living here I have made every effort to protect my car parking space, however I have been unsuccessful.
My reason for writing to you today is to ask whether you would consider allowing me to installing parking security measures in the property by installing a new Park Lock System.
Not only will this help to protect the car space from unknown vehicles occupying this personal space but The PARKLOCK system is easy to install without having to modify any major structure and can be installed in the matter of minutes. The strong structure of the PARKLOCK system main structure “No parking” U Shaped metal frame of attractive appearance, toughness and durability.

  • The city styled design of the PARKLOCK system has been adopted to achieve a truly effective, indoor/outdoor waterproofed unit that can handle any weather & security condition.
  • The PARKLOCK System is easy to be installed on any hard surface in an indoor or outdoor environment.
  • PARKLOCK has easy functional controls linking the remote control to a centralised receiver on the parking obstruction unit. The remote works within 30 meters of your car space making it both fast and conveniently easy to use. Property owners with one or many parking spaces can install multiple PARKLOCK systems with the same remote control. 

I trust that you can approve my application to install the PARKLOCK system and support my requirement to secure my space. My interest is to assure improved safety of the facility property and effectively improve the standards and my satisfaction in using the protected parking lot.
Visit www.parklock.com.au for more details on the Park Lock system
If you would prefer to speak to someone about the features and benefits of installing the PARKLOCK system, please call the following number (02) 9724 1116 during normal office hours or email info@parklock.com.au
I hope that the suggestions, as outlined in this email are something that you wish to consider. I look forward to hearing from you in due course when you have made a decision.
Kindest regards,