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Parking Guards

Protect Your Private Parking Space with a Revolutionary Parking Guard

Parklock is a revolutionary parking guard designed to help you protect your private parking space and keep it free when you get home from work or to the office. The Parklock system is a quick and easy to use and install system that comprises of a small and compact design that is proven to work.

Parklock is small, compact and stylish, yet it provides efficiency, durability, convenience and reliability when you need it most. This parking guard is made to the highest standard to provide your parking space with the protection it needs against other drivers on the road.

The Parklock system comprises of a highly effective parking guard complete with infrared remote control, power shortage alert and manual override when the battery is depleted. This little parking guard also sounds an alarm when a vehicle gets too close for comfort without pushing the remote.

The system is made from durable iron, which is waterproof and can withstand up to two tons of pressure. The battery can last up to three months on a single charge, making it easy and convenient, offering you the protection you need on a daily basis.

The biggest advantage is the safety it provides. Not only is your parking space protected, but there is no need to get out of your vehicle when you approach your parking space, push the button on the remote and the parking guard will lower, giving you full access to your parking bay.

The Parklock system has a clear “no parking” sign on it, so other drivers don't have to guess what it is. These systems are widely accepted in residential and commercial properties throughout the country, because they are easily moved should you move or move parking spaces in the future.