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Reserved Parking

Innovative Reserved Parking Sign to Protect Your Parking Space

There is nothing more frustrating than finding another vehicle in your reserved parking space. You can put up signage, you can write them a polite note, but it doesn’t eliminate your frustration.

The solution is the innovative Parklock, a reserved parking system that is designed to protect your parking space, provide you with a reliable service and is made to last.

What to Expect from Parklock

Parklock is an innovative product that is easy to use and quick and simple to install. What makes this system such a popular choice is:

  • A highly sensitive infrared remote control
  • Alarm sounds when unauthorized vehicle tries to park
  • Three months battery on a single charge
  • Manual override when battery is depleted
  • Versatile and can be moved with ease
  • Enjoy the Convenience of a Reserved Parking Space

Having a reserved parking space is meant to offer convenience and save you time and energy, not cause unnecessary frustration. This is why so many parking space owners choose to protect their space with the Parklock system.

The system is small, yet highly effective. The bright yellow device is small enough to handle and quick and easy to install. Once installed it boasts a “no parking” sign, eliminating any confusion from other drivers.

Because of the highly sensitive infrared remote control, there is no need to get out of the vehicle when you arrive at your parking space, push the button and watch as the Parklock system lowers into place, giving you full access to your parking space.

Ideal for residential and commercial use, this reserved parking device is being used by homes and offices throughout Australia, providing the owners with its convenience, reliability and durability.

The product is made from an iron design and is waterproof, enabling it to withstand all weather conditions without skipping a beat.